It’s hard to believe when you see ugly trash in the street that something beautiful can come of it.

But the young artists of FatraKa are proving it is not only possible but is a way to creating a more beautiful future for Haiti.

The Work

Using recycled materials found in dumps the young artists of FatraKa and the SAKALA community center in Cité Soleil are creating custom-made frames, trophies, and mixed-media art work that would grace any home.

Their work is currently on sale at SAKALA (so come visit! 🙂 )

You can see more FatraKa work here.

We are working on a distribution and shipping process that would enable them to be purchased online and sent abroad. So stay tuned!

The FatraKa Story

Haiti has a huge trash and management problem.

Within Haiti and Port-au-Prince, the large Cité Soleil neighborhood has it worse than most because of its poverty and sea level location.

Six canals, stuffed with trash like this one, cut through Cité Soleil on the way to the ocean — making them both a sanitation and flood hazard for this area that is home to more than 300,000 people.

Add to this that often the only immediate way to reduce the volume of the trash is to burn it and you can add air pollution to the host of ills the trash causes.

But the FatraKa art and plastic recycling programs are finding ways to transform this huge trash problem into treasure — and along the way creating beautiful art and new products that showcase the tremendous imagination of the youths of Haiti and Cité Soleil.


The FatraKa team would love to hear from you.

They are:

Daniel Tillias, president of FatraKa. You can reach him at 509-3649-1493 or machoket@fatraka.com.

Conze Lesley Killick, field and sales manager

Edwide Marcelin, administrator and accountant

Roody Don Biron Georges, data analysis

Felder Jean Paul and Herode Laurent, Advisory Board

Or contact us at info@fatraka.com or we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mèsi anpil! (Thanks very much in Haitian Creole. 🙂 )